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Logo Design Trends in 2020.

Here are my top 6 trends I believe will shape the logo creation and design industry in 2020 and beyond.




Minimalism is back in fashion in logo design in my opinion. There are many big brands out there, for example, Uber and Crocs have gone for a logo that has simple elements and a clear font. This allows logos to become easy to use across different media and print material. 


Geometric Type

A trend that I have seen rise and grow over the course of 2019 is the use of geometric shapes. I have found that geometric letters and shapes have been combined to create brilliant masterpieces that enhance a person’s idea into the greatest response. 



Emblems are classic and easy to use as they are traditionally enclosed in a simple shape such as a square or circle. They’re known for having busy details and exquisite sketches and fonts usually around the border of the shape. However, I think emblems will begin to be used in a simpler and sophisticated format rather than the usual busy emblems we have seen in the past.

Text Destruction

A fun and unique way of presenting your business to an audience. Deconstructed logos allow the viewer to use their imagination to finish the logo and explore the different creative results. Using fading lines, unusual breaks and lost letters in regular fonts can sometimes make the fonts hard to read. It’s a risky technique, however, if used well it can attract the best of the best. 

One Block Colour

In my opinion, I think all logos should be kept simple, if not then they must have a logo variation that is only one single colour. This is because a flat colour would work in most formats, including when being printed or used on an embroidered work uniform.  I have always stood by the quote “Bells and whistles are a poor designer’s way of obscuring a logo which is devoid of substance.”


Amazon, eBay and Mailchimp, as some examples, have their logotypes entirely in lowercase. In my opinion, the reason is to make it more casual and friendly. There is also evidence that lowercase text is easier to read, in my view this trend will be used everywhere in 2020. Using this trend mixed with a previous trend I mentioned ‘block colours’, will soon make all logos easy, effective and illustrated. 

Overall, I wish to see the above trends in use in 2020 as they’re my favourite techniques to use when creating logos on a daily basis. 

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