Day 7

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

To make your social media sparkle.


How to tell your story on Social Media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter? Every business has at least one social media account no matter how small or large the business may be. The main question is though, how to make yours stand out from the crowd? Well all in all, you need some sparkle.

Use your Brand values to tell a story and portray your product or service to your followers by following a set strategy or theme. Create conversation by coming up with compelling captions. Bring the reader in and ensure your content excites them… This way they may be more inclined to tell their friends about your business meaning more followers for you as well as, higher interaction on your pages. Ensure your pictures and videos are of exceedingly high quality. This instantly reflects upon the quality of your products or service. You know what they say about pretty pictures…

Pretty pictures do pull…


Research and Have Fun! 

You have to learn how to dive headfirst into the operations of each social media network and explore features such as; Instagram Stories and Live, Facebook Live, Twitter Polls etc. Use these online tools at your disposal and see how your follower engagement levels rise. Remember social media is more than just promoting, it’s about reaching out to your followers, interacting, getting to know them, allowing them to get to know you. With Facebook algorithms working to only show more content and posts that have started conversations on Facebook, ensure that your posts allow your followers to interact with not only you but with others. Research is key and we always recommend analysing how and why others may be doing better than you…

And finally, embrace the festive season. You may think Social Media is challenging but there is a lot of fun to be had. Remember, followers want to get to know and want to see all your creative ideas on your pages! Use this season to your advantage. Promote your products with detailed and creative imagery, create themed posts and change your profile and cover pictures, so those who click on your pages will be drawn in instantly.

Enjoy x


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