Day 5

On the 5th Day of Christmas, my true love gave to me fiiiiive golden cards

New ways to shine in 2020


All about foiling…

What we think of foiling.

Here at Designers Room, we saw a huge increase in foiled prints in 2019. It was all about the shimmer, making even the simplest of designs look elegant and eye-catching!

Wedding Invitations, Business Cards, Postcards, Tags, Leaflets and Flyers, you name it, we printed them with foil. With colours ranging from gold, silver and bronze to rich reds and blues this finish is especially suited to this season.

Keep in mind that a little goes a long way… Accents, borders, small parts of text and the finer details look fantastic foiled.  The paper/card finish is always soft touch i.e. velvet as the foil needs something textured to stick to -this only adds to the luxurious aesthetic of the overall final product. Foiling is most effective when the design hits the light. Prepare to be dazzled by your designs…

We LOVED this trend and we’re sure it will continue in 2020.

Using foiling in your Branding…

Do you want your brand to scream luxury and class?

Foiling can speak for itself and say a whole lot about your brand. The foiled colours that we are offer and all each individually eye-catching, casting a unique to your overall brand. We associate gold largely with wealth therefore, incorporating gold foiling into your brand will increase your brands value in your customers eyes. This in turn associates your business with the terms; luxury, professional and sophisticated. Consumers are always attracted to eye-catching brand, leaflets, business cards and more.

Accentuating small features with foiling on products such as loyalty cards, and thank you cards, results in customers keeping these products for longer, as they form a sense of luxury in consumers minds. We recommend highlighting key features leaving foiling only to a minimum on branded products. Make your logo, brand message or your contact information stand out on a simple yet extremely effective product.

We recommend foiling if your brand is bespoke and luxurious. 

Wedding Invites

Yes, No, Too much?

We have also seen a massive rise in people requesting foiling for their wedding packages; Invitations, save the date cards, table place cards and welcome boards all accentuated with a little bit of shimmer.

The most romantic method in my opinion. All things delicately foiled look so special and extra. So if you want to take your wedding to new heights, foiled details on your print material is the way to go to leave a great impression with your guests.

Foiling is most definitely a personal choice however; you can always learn more by getting in touch with one of the team to see if it would best suit your products or brand.

Blog Written by Aliya. 


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