Day 9

Santa Tell Me How I can Have the Perfect Product Pictures

Understanding the importance of fascinating photography to drive sales


Ever heard the saying ‘A picture

speaks 1000 words’?

The image you upload online, onto your website, social media or, have printed onto leaflets, banners flyers or other products, says a whole lot about your brand to the general consumer. This consumer may only be passing by or scrolling through their phone however, depending on the visual effect your imagery creates, it will leave a lasting impression. Quality images act as a driving force of conversation. They bring in more ‘likes’ on social media and increase your overall number of followers, resulting in a rise of your potential future customer thus an increase in sales.

Visual content, on Social Media, is 40 times more likely to be shared as opposed to plain text content. Instagram is purely designed for visual content and numerous people follow accounts purely based on aesthetics! Themed or creatively structured accounts do extremely well on this Social Media platform. If you’re sticking to simple themes remember, you can always use certain props to make your picture pop. Throughout 2019 we saw a huge rise in Instagram accounts with perfect pictures, including just the right amount of props and final touches that went well with the products that they were promoting. Take a look at @flosseflosse on Instagram and enjoy the visual yumminess!


Know your stuff.

Example Client.

We worked with Vape Brand @ElementalVape who wanted to switch up their social media posts from graphics to something more ‘real’, we took their product pictures using fresh fruit. These were then edited using various online software’s to get rid of any blurred or grey edges etc and used online! Professional editing will essentially make your picture perfect and ready to use to post online or use in any of your design work.

Know your stuff. If you’re wanting to sell products online especially on competitive marketplace, Amazon, which is full of images of products that have gone from homely styles to, super-high-end and professional. At Designers Room we know ins and outs and will ensure that your images will meet the regulations and requirements set in place by Amazon!

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