Day 11

Traditional vs Modern Christmas…

How has your Christmas changed over the years?



Fresh or fake, the great debate? 

Do you love the fresh pine scent of real trees, or do you spritz your tree every morning with Christmassy scents? Some say that faux trees are easier to manage and maintain. Ordering them online or purchasing them from supermarkets is convenient with measurements that can clearly be seen, you can buy the perfect fit for your living room. Faux trees are mess free with no needles which drop making them easier to look after if you have small children or furry friends. Choose your colour… Do you go for forest green or pretty pink? The choice is yours with a huuuge range of different colours for something a little different. Pack and store them for the following year, giving you one less thing to worry about the following Christmas.

Do you make it a tradition of going out and choosing your fresh tree from Christmas tree farms? A fun-filled, festive day with your family to enjoy and one of the perks of having a fresh tree in your home on Christmas. Maintaining fresh trees is easy if you do it right. Ensuring your tree always has fresh water and is kept away from direct heat being the two most important! Remember to get rid of your tree before it dries out and look forward to having something different next year!


Turkey or Chicken?

What is your Christmas Day banquet? Turkey is always the most popular choice but with more and more people opting for chicken or even roast beef as their main meat, are turkeys fading away? Those who celebrate thanksgiving don’t choose to have turkey twice so close together as they already have it a month prior. There are also more modern recipes people are trying out to add to their table on Christmas day in order to switch up the classic roast dinner including more vegetarian choices and a range of appetisers.


Instagram worthy?

Do you keep the same decorations year after year or do you follow trends? With sensational images on social media of trees, lights and wreaths, (plus everything in-between) what does your house currently look like? Are your trees themed with meters of luxury, champagne coloured ribbons and glistening, golden baubles? Or are they lathered in brightly coloured ornaments and décor that you’ve collected over the years? With both choices being immensely popular, we cannot deny that social media hasn’t changed the game and more people now want a pretty tree for their pictures! 

Let us know all about your special Christmas traditions and how you spend the festive season! Is there something unique you do on Christmas day to break tradition? We would love to hear about it all…

Check out our latest results from our Instagram Poll on Traditional vs Modern Christmases.

We asked, “What’s your Christmas like?”


Traditional – 50%

Modern – 50%


We asked, “What’s your Christmas roast of choice”?


Classic Turkey – 25%

Chicken – 75%


We asked, “What’s your choice of tree?”


Real Tree – 57%

Faux Tree – 43%


We asked, “What’s your Christmas tree like?”


Classic Decorations – 56%

Instagram worthy – 44%


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