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3 Great Ways to Engage with your Instagram Audience

Not just a pretty picture.

The use of Instagram has revolutionised incredibly since 2010. From users posting pretty pictures of food and scenery, to what it is now, the whole meaning behind it has changed. It is now a multi-million pounds driver of Business for some of the worlds’ biggest brands such as Nike, Victorias Secret, and thousands of others.

Below are three simple suggestions that I have come up with that will ensure you are able to effectively increase engagement with users on Instagram.





Brands have used celebrities for years and years as the face of campaigns. From Micheal Jackson for Pepsi to, George Clooney as the face of Nespresso. However,  current trends suggest Influencer endorsements are the rising trend. Statistically, young people are more likely to trust an influencer whom they follow online than a classic celebrity. Especially as campaigns are seen and run more on online platforms such as Instagram, influencers are largely online based therefore, it would make sense to use them as the face of certain campaigns to promote your brand.

It is important to remember that it is not only the number of followers an influencer may hold that can benefit your brand, but the right following. To ensure your page will receive an actual increase in engagement, it is vital when choosing your influencer, to be sure that this person will resonate with your brand and your target audience. 

Pretty Little Thing and other online clothing companies such as I Saw It First are great examples of how the use of influencers has worked to benefit their brand. With the likes of such companies using ex Love Islanders and other Influencers, they reach their specific target audience perfectly as this is what their audience is interested in.

Tip: Remember to be selective when deciding who you think will work well for your campaign. 

Use your Captions as Conversation Starters

Everyone likes a good story so ensure that you are giving your audience something worthwhile to read in your captions. Yes Instagram is a visual application however, if users are drawn in with your picture and the first line of your caption, they will continue to read. 

Don’t just leave it till the last minute, ensure you spend time to carefully come up with a creative caption which will draw followers which results in increased engagement on your posts. 

Remember to ask questions to encourage response. Readers are more likely to show an interest in your account if the person behind the camera comes across as genuine, chatty and interested in others opinions.

Most importantly, find your voice. One voice behind all your images comforts your audience. Keep your style of speech similar and it will ensure your page is relatable, resulting in higher engagement. 

Run Contests

Your creativity is the limit when it comes to contests and giveaways. Giveaways encourage Likes, Comments, Reposts and Shares and are an easy and effective way to increase engagement. The excitement behind your post can be built gradually over a short period of time which will in effect, create a buzz and ensure your engagement levels rocket.

For something a little different, hosting a Photo Challenge Contests is a great idea for a giveaway. Encourage your followers to post a picture, on their own personal page, with a certain Hashtag that relates to your company. This will also build a sense of community for your brand by bringing together all your followers. 

Incorporate these three tips on your Instagram and sit back to see the results you like to see. 


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