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We understand that having a website that works for your business will engage new and existing customers to use your website and inevitably your services. When we secure a web design project we will work tirelessly to create a platform that people can trust and make your business stand out from the rest… Whether you are looking to sell products online, or take in bookings for your business. We can provide you with a solution!

The steps to start your web design journey

Step 1 - Research

We want to know all about you! Tell us about websites you love, where you want your company to head towards and more. Then we’ll schedule a call or meeting to talk over all the content required.

Step 2 - Content

Your customers have come to the website for a reason, so you want to be sure you've answered all their questions! Content is crucial to every website.

Step 3 - Design

This is where the fun begins! We will begin designing a custom made website just for you using the content and information you have provided.

Step 4 - Development

This is a collaboration so we want to hear what you think, your feedback and input during the entire process.

Step 5 - Launch

Hooray, it's time for launch! We’ve tested, you’ve approved, and we’re ready to make your site live to the world. We'll do all the technical work in this process and make it live!  

Step 6 - Support

We'll discuss support options with you at this time too. Your site will need regular care to thrive.

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Responsive Websites

Having a website that works on all devices is crucial when competing with your closest competitors. If a customer finds it east to navigate around your website on their desktop computer. Then they move to their phone and can still easily navigate, then you are on to a winner.

Responsive web design has become a big hit in the last couple of years, however there are still endless websites that still don’t follow the new functionality. This could be the difference of getting those extra customers you have been looking for!

As well as having a website that works mobile devices, you also need a website that appears to the audience you are trying to target. At Designers Room we know that different website styles suit different industries. For example, if you are a local plumber, you want your website to have a lot of call to actions dotted around. A call to action is a button that directly calls your phone lines, or opens up a brand new email address box. This would ensure that you are getting constant phone calls from potentially new customers due to the simplicity of how it works. Along with some help of SEO that is…

Responsive Websites

Responsive design can help you solve a lot
of problems for your website including
making it mobile-friendly, improve the way
it looks on devices with both large and
small screens, and increase the amount of
time that visitors spend on your site.

Safe & Secure

Your website is your brand, your storefront,
and often your first contact with customers.
If it’s not safe and secure, those critical
business relationships can be compromised.
SSL Certificates secure all of your data as it
is passed from your browser to the
website’s server.


Your website will be hosted by Designers
Room which allows us quick access when
issues may occur and need a fix easily and

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