Christian's Blog #4

Colour schemes to brighten your mood.

Here are a few bright colour schemes to brighten up these dark times. Changing colour schemes can be an exciting way to freshen up your brand for an upcoming event or campaign. They can help your audience differentiate what your brand is trying to achieve at certain points.


Light pink & two-tone green

This summer feeling scheme is perfect for launching your brand through to the months ahead, it has a warm, bubbly feeling that would go well with anything natural or organic, it would go brilliantly with plant life and the subtle pink just helps elevate it to being a really eye-catching combo.

I think this would work excellently for your next photo shoot. 

Yellow & Magenta

This is a much more bold style, it’s super modern, youthful and dynamic. I can see it playing well with the events and fashion industries on print or web. It’s loud and proud if you’ve got a point to prove, here’s one for you.

To sum it up. Instant Impact.

Scarlet, Olive, Teal

This is quite a nulled palette that is a totally different take on the primary colours, Red, Green, Blue, but I think it’s extremely powerful. Using lots of grey to water down the tones, we get this wonderfully mysterious scheme that feels vintage but not out of place.

Salmon & Teal

This is inspired by the classic complementary scheme or Orange and Blue, we see this everywhere, in cinema, print and even fashion. However this variation has a bit more depth to it, the two pink/salmon colours bounce off each other creating a shade which can be manipulated into a design, you’ll see this scheme work well on web imagery or illustrations. 

I hope these have given you some inspiration for your next project if you’d like to take one of these further, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help.

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