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How To Make Your Company Stand Out – Print Edition


When it comes to print, there are many ways to evaluate your company above the competition. Millions of flyers, leaflets and booklets fly of the printing press everyday, but from all the ones that end up at your doorstep, how many do you remember?

Well Written Content

So how can you make your print different and for it not to go down the drain… 

The first tip we have is to have well written, thought out content. How many times have you been lost in a paragraph that goes on forever or a textbook that doesn’t make any sense? It doesn’t need to be Shakespeare but content which has had a lot of time and effort put in to it, speaks volumes for your brand.


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Clean Photography

Images will also help to tell your story through the design. They can help the audience gain a better understanding of what you are pushing in a much quicker fashion. A quick glance at your bright and shiny product or your gleaming new venue will instantly land a strong impression with your viewer, but remember quality is everything. No quick snaps from your iPhone. You need professionally lit and well taken photos for maximum impact.


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Creative Design

Possibly the most important aspect of your print design is, well the design… A creative concept which represents your brand whilst remaining attractive to the eye is imperative for creating something memorable for your audience. We want them to keep hold of the print work, physically and mentally, framing the design would be ideal.  

However, we can have a beautiful design, but if it doesn’t portray the narrative you want by getting your companies message across, it begins to become irrelevant.

Choosing the Right Paper Stock

Having your design printed in the right manner for your needs is key and makes appropriate for the job in hand. A wedding invite might be on a textured card, but this wouldn’t necessarily work for a corporate brochure. Texture is not the only important feature to consider, paper weight is also a factor. A heavy GSM paper, say for example, 350gsm is going to feel quite premium however, if you arer going to be producing huge volumes, the pricing may become a factor to consider.

The Finishing Touch

Depending on what style of paper stock we go ahead with, there are many methods to enhance your print material and push it above and beyond your competition. A different lamination will help you stand out and become more memorable. Whether this means choosing a glossy, matte or tactile velvet soft touch, or maybe a more specialist print like spot UV varnish, which can allow you to get creative with how you perceive the print. 


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