Aliya's Blog #4


Like thousands of people around the world, COVID-19 or Coronavirus, is having a huge impact on our day-to-day lives. Since the day WHO, (World Health Organisation) classified the outbreak as a global pandemic, events, flights, borders and more, have been closed and canceled to try to prevent the spread of the virus.

With the uncertainty of how long it will be until our lives get back to ‘normal’, it is best to understand that the landscape of marketing is also indeed shifting. Take a look at what you can do to continue helping your business thrive throughout these challenging times as well as, taking care of your well-being.



Stick to a Routine

Get up, get ready and have breakfast! Something small like this will get you ready the right way for the day! Use your usual ‘commute to work time’ to maybe throw in a short exercise regime. Then start your workday as usual by working in an office-like space at your table or desk. This will increase productivity and will save you from feeling demotivated.


For Businesses

Working for a largely digital company means that we are extremely lucky here at Designers Room to be able to carry on (almost) as usual with our working week. We make it work by constantly keeping in contact via text, email and a daily conference call (or two), which is also thrown into the mix! Our workload is planned accordingly throughout the week as it would be in the office. The tip for businesses is to keep organised and keep the team in the loop. Checking up on your colleagues to break up the work talk as you would when you are at work, also helps! Remember we are all feeling the same way and talking about how we are feeling will benefit us all.

Promote Properly

The time we have now should be used to help us prepare for when normality hits. We should also make the most of it by understanding that e-commerce will soar and social media traffic will continue to increase inconsiderably during this period in our lives. Many recent research studies have found that this is the case as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all seen a huge rise in usage! 

Switch up your marketing by targeting your customers digitally and receive real-time results. Use Social Media to not only stay in touch with your customers, remember consistency is key, but also to post and promote.

 This is probably the perfect time to also re-think your brand. Is your Logo still appealing? Are your brand colours in season? How does your brand speak (come across as) to your customers? If you want to switch it up, there is no more perfect time than now to be summer-ready. 



Stay ahead of the game by ensuring everything is complete to shoot straight back into the business once this is over! Although at the minute traditional marketing such as print is beginning to shrink, the competition will surely be high once this is over, as you and all your competitors will all want the same thing… Sales. So remember to complete all the projects that you have put off. Roller Banners, Leaflets, and Business Cards are only a few of the print products we offer here at the Designers Room.


And Breathe

Remember to step out for some fresh air even if it’s only to the garden. Look after yourself and your loved ones by following government guidelines. Stay at home, stay safe and in all, spread positivity (not germs)!

If you would like advice or support on how to use relevant marketing techniques to get your business through this global crisis or, would like to switch up your Brand, contact our team today on, 01204 917 817.

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