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The Benefits of Branding your Business


Brand Identity Design

Brand Identity Design can be best described as the visual appearance of your brand. That consists of various design elements, colours, shapes, and patterns to make up your logo, fonts, brand guidelines, and many more… And all of these components should be harmonised, so the result is a consistent appearance for all sorts of your communication materials eg. business cards, leaflets & online presence. 

The use of a consistent identity design system helps your potential clients to build an emotional relationship with you and your business. Having a consistent presence also allows your brand to be recognisable from every element you present. Ever heard of the phrase ‘Consistency is key’?  – Consistency means your target audience is being exposed to core messages, visual branding, and other brand elements repeatedly, which can help to solidify brand recognition.

Strengthen Your Brand

A professional brand identity design makes your business and your services a lot more credible. You can use this credibility to calculate a higher value for your services or products. 

Customer loyalty is important for the success of a business. Loyalty from your customers to your brand can help you penetrate your market more effectively and maintain or increase sales. Your branding needs to have a positive association, a recognized name, and a higher perceived value than your competitors.

Show Professionalism

Coherent branding communicates seriousness as well as professionalism. Everyone who gets in touch with you is shown that you care about your business. And if you put so much effort and time into your business, then your audience is more likely to believe that you are the right person to do the same for them whether it is the service or the product you are selling. 

Your professional branding can start from printed products such as business cards, thank you cards, and even packaging for your goods. But you can also build a strong professional brand through your online presence. The aim of an online presence is to take all your company values, missions, and beliefs and harmonise it into an orchestra that shows the world the very best of your business and furthers your goals, sales & income. 

Using social media to share stories, experiences, and ask questions are all steps to creating a unique and personal brand with your customers. This can be started simply by having the same logo image in all social networks and relevant details but also following your branding throughout daily or weekly posts. 

Gain Recognition Value 

Again, recognition and consistency are important. If you make constant use of your brand identity design, it’s easier for you to become memorable. You are showing your customers that it is worthwhile to keep your business in mind.

Inconsistency is the number one mistake you can make for your business.  Inconsistency undermines your brand and confuses your customers. Recognisable, valuable brands prioritise consistency — and they receive all the benefits. When your brand is a unified presence across all print mediums and platforms, customers can easily get familiar with, recognise, and come to prefer your brand over time. 

Save Time & Costs

At this point, you should understand your target audience, your mission statement, and the unique qualities that make up your business.

As you create these elements, build a set of brand guidelines to govern the composition and use of your visual assets. This will ensure that whoever uses your new branding does so accurately and consistently. You can show exactly how your brand should look on different mediums, this will avoid unnecessary corrections later on.

Here at Designers Room, we want to make sure we are there for you every step of the way, in our brand guidelines we will include everything we have mentioned in this blog including your brand’s mission statement to colour palettes and typography. 

An attractive brand identity design brings some distinct advantages to your business, so it should never be underestimated, and you should try to make the most of it. Good branding is a real success factor and a competitive advantage. Don’t leave your branding and how others think of your business to chance.  

Create a clear, strong brand that supports your business today at Designers Room – Call us today to get started at 01204 917 817 or email us at 

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