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The Social Media Content Ideas You Never Knew You Needed

Social Media block? We all get it from time to time. If you’re unsure of what to post on your online accounts to switch up your page slightly, have a read through these five tips to turn your online accounts into pages that are full of fun, engaging and current content! Perfect for your business AND your followers!



About You, Your Staff and the Office

Start off small by taking pictures of your surroundings, workspace and office! Candid shots with staff or a ‘behind the scene’ sort of image are both bound to interest others. We all have a slight nosy streak and love to see images of others offices and how their work is being conducted. These posts are simple and natural, making it extremely easy for them to be uploaded straight from your phone, to all your Social Media platforms. So if you are in a hurry, don’t worry, these types of posts have got you covered!

Answer Them

Think about how many messages you receive on a daily basis, all asking you similar questions… Why not create a post simply with a frequently asked question and answer it. This will break up all your image posts as you will be making the text stand out on the design and it will surely start a conversation in the comments below. Try it and see how your followers respond! 

Something Seasonal

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. How many national holidays and events do we celebrate throughout all four seasons? Remember to create posts that will go with the theme of current seasonal events. With Easter around the corner, think of deals you could promote that are Easter themed and design a post to match this idea. Or, just incorporate eggs into your posts? It really is quite simple. 

This will also break away from your ‘everyday’ type posts and create more engagement on your social channels by, bringing in a whole different type of customer base. A basic tip is to write down all international and national holidays as well as, ‘days of the year’ on a calendar. This will ensure you can keep on top of all the posts you need to create accordingly. P.S. Remember to use the right hashtags under each post, for more reach! 

You Ask the Questions

Why not create a post where you can ask your followers/friends a question that they can answer so simply that all they have to do is, comment back a one letter response? One idea is to ask them, ‘Which design looks the best?’ and import 3 or 4 products into one post, then ask your followers to reply either A, B, C or D in the comments below. Expect a lot of response whilst using this extremely simple trick plus, you will also receive immediate feedback on your products/designs/creations! It’s a win win. 

Sharing is Caring

Share a post or a link to an infographic or an article you think your followers will enjoy! Getting to know your followers and the things they’d like to read or look at is important on Social Media. If you know your following, you will know the types of posts or information they’d like to see and read! So if you do come across a post or an article of interest, share it! Infographics are also great to use as they are full of text and information which make them stand-out posts online. Use these to your advantage and make sure you share, share, share.

Remember, these are tips on what you can post on top of your regular posts. Keep posting in order to keep your pages current and your customers excited oh and be sure to use the above tips to switch it up sometimes…

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