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The Truth About Twitter

Understanding the tips and tricks in using Twitter as a marketing Tool.

Using Twitter as a form of marketing makes sense for most brands. Note, we say most, as depending on your business sector and how much you wish to engage with your customers, it only makes sense to use Twitter if it will help your business. Understanding the truth, tips and tricks in using Twitter for your business can be extremely beneficial IF you utilise all Twitters tools effectively and practically.

Many companies don’t understand that to see strategic results, tweet regularly. The main aim is to avoid constantly tweeting about only your products and services. Twitter is seen as the chattiest social platform with users mainly Tweeting informally, general conversation and other quality content comes across better than pushy promotions.

Building brand awareness and engaging with customers, or potential customers, is fundamental for the growth of businesses on Twitter therefore, most large companies are very casual whilst using their accounts and this is the way to go for growth.

Over the last two years, Twitter has seen a vast increase in customer service tweets which is both beneficial for businesses and customers. Customers appreciate swift responses and businesses understand that other means of communication with customers, will result in higher costs such as, call centers for example. Keep an eye out for users also leaving their reviews on this Platform as these can be used to your advantage.

Tweeting about current events and utilising the ‘trending’ page effectively, whilst also becoming involved in similar conversations, enables you to reach out to a wider community. Live Tweeting during big events is also a way to tap into a whole other audience. For example, with Love Island being exceptionally popular right now, why not tweet about this topic during the time the show is on? However, understand your follower’s interests and use this research to your advantage by tweeting about these topics.

In comparison to Facebook, with their long-winded captions, Twitter has stuck with the 280 characters per post rule, ensuring it is more likely to keep their readers full attention. Engagement is a feature that Twitter excels in therefore, make the most by using attention grabbing phrases and captions, asking questions and ensuring your followers are involved in conversation. Followers can interact with posts and tweets even if they aren’t following a page and this is a crucial point about Twitter, as it means Tweets are widely read on a large, public scale.

If you think your business needs a more informal side or you want to increase your engagement with customers, Twitter is the perfect tool to put this in use. Get started in simple steps. Set up your account by creating a username and writing your bio. Selectively, follow other users who will drive conversation on your feed, as Tweets can get lost on this busy platform. Finally, start Tweeting and watch your following increase, which in time, results in an increase in website traffic and eventually, SALES.

Use Twitter on the go. You don’t have to be sat in front of your computer to tweet, use your mobile! Tweeting on the go will give you a fresh mindset and a new way of thinking, resulting in new ideas… You never know where or when inspiration will hit you.

Twitter is the best Social Platform to drive interaction. It is most definitely worth it however, it can leave you pulling your hair out at times. With strong views and opinions from the online community, remember to keep calm and still have fun whilst Tweeting. Do your best to interact with your following regularly and mix up your Tweets to ensure you post about trending topics as well as, getting to know your followers!

 Would you use Twitter as a Marketing Tool for your business?

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