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Did You Hear About The Guy Who Took Away The LIKES?

2019 was the year it all began. Instagram Likes were all of a sudden, taken away from our pictures… What was the story behind ‘Project Daisy’ and do your pictures still matter? Read on to find out… 

We all heard the whispers and thinking they were just rumours, decided to go about our online business as usual. The removal of likes is currently going through a test theory and Instagram is researching how us as users, may react. 

‘What does all this mean for my Business account?’ 

You may be wondering how this has an impact on your Instagram Business Page as users usually follow you, click your web link and hit the follow button by judging the number of likes you have on a post. Posts that are seen as ‘more popular’ also end up being seen more widely on the Instagram Discover page.


“The idea is to try to depressurise Instagram, make it less of a competition, and give people more space to focus on connecting with the people they love and things that inspire them.” -Adam Mosseri (Instagram CEO) 

The fundamental aim behind Project Daisy is to allow users to post what they love without caring how many likes they receive. Our page is there for us to be able to tell our own story without the judgement and pressures of society. What do we love? What do we want to share with our friends, families and followers? With the Business page, it is still important to portray not only what we think our consumers and followers will ‘Like’, but what we believe in! Of course, one of the main aims is to continue reaching out to users however, ensuring we portray our brand and its values within what we post should be key.

Does your page still matter?

Promoting your Business and doing well via Social Media is not based on the number of Likes you receive but your reach. – How many people have actually seen your post? How many times has it been shared or saved by a user? Think about how many times you may have been interested in a post whilst scrolling and not actually Liked it, however, you may have sent the post to someone or saved it to refer back to later on. We’ve all done it at some point…  If this is the case, do Likes even really matter?

All in all, the pressure of having to get a specific number of Likes on your post should no longer be a concern. Put your Brand out there by posting what you believe. Honest and organic posting is the way forward so promote your brand based on whatever you see fit for your Business.

Let us know your thoughts on the removal of Likes on Instagram and how you may have been impacted. Has it been a positive experience for you or, negative? We would love to hear your stories.

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